Support Tara and other kittens and puppies in urgent need

Tara1Bottle Feeding is an important part of rescue. Many kittens are found without their mommy and it takes all a foster parent’s compassion, energy and skill to nurse these little ones to health. With proper care, bottle fed kittens grow up to be some of the sweetest cats because of the bond built with their humans during this time. Tara came to the Humane Society at 12 days old and is doing really well with eating. She is now up to 9.5 oz, and will continue to be bottle fed for a couple more weeks.

Your donations are needed and appreciated in order to continue rescuing young animals that are not old enough to survive on their own. Beside the special care needed, these little ones will receive all their shots, spay or neuter. Little Tara will be ready for adoption around Thanksgiving. Continue to check in on our Facebook page and our web site to watch Tara grow. You can donate to help Tara or one of our many other puppies or kittens  DONATE HERE