Lucy’s Story

Lucy’s Story


IMG_3413Meet Lucy.  Lucy is a 3 to 4 year old Spaniel mix who currently is being fostered in the Humane Society of Union County(North Carolina) system.  She is a mild, affectionate, sweet mannered, intelligent, and loving baby.  She rarely makes a sound, is immediately submissive, and seems to always be aware of what’s going on around her.

 Lucy was rescued December 19, 2014 after living all of her life outdoors and chained up with no grass and little shelter.  She had never been given veterinary care and was never spayed.  Lucy has had 2 litters that we know about, but was unprotected from loose male dogs, which in the neighborhood she lived were many.  Lucy had a severe urinary tract infection and was only able to urinate once every day or two.  She was within a week or two, at best, of dying.momma34

 Lucy is heartworm positive, has skin allergies (currently recovering from her allergy to flea saliva which causes her to itch constantly because she was infested when we received her), kennel cough, and the aforementioned urinary tract infection.  She is receiving 2 antibiotics daily (one to prepare her for her heartworm treatment, and another to treat the urinary tract infection), and takes benedryl to help with the itching.  Because she was uncared for and never treated with prevention.  The heartworms were able to thrive and grow in great numbers within her.

 In Union County, NC it is legal to tether a dog outside as long as you can show that you provide shelter.  Shelter includes, a 55 gallon drum with a hole cut in it, wooden crates, a porch with a 1’ clearance to get under it, and bushes.  These do not protect against other animals, mosquitoes(the carriers of heartworm), fleas, ticks(lyme disease), extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, and snow.  Lucy did not have grass to lay on.  Her bed was a depression in the hard packed clay which would fill up with water when it rained.


 This beautiful red haired angel was left out with little regard to her safety, health, or comfort.  Her coughing and gagging, as a result of the kennel cough, was ignored.  If it rained and her food was water logged, it was not replaced until it was eaten.  When it rained she was not given fresh water but expected to drink from puddles and the muddy water that would fill the rusted metal pan that was her bowl.

 Lucy has a very rough 3 to 4 months ahead of her.  Once she completes the 6 weeks of heavy antibiotics, she will be given an arsenic compound designed to kill the heartworms that have caused the right side of her heart to enlarge to almost twice its normal size.  She is not out of the water yet.  She could die as a result of a reaction to the arsenic compound, or have an aneurysm due to all of the worms clogging up her veins or arteries after they die and release their hold on her heart.  She will not be allowed to play or run around the yard.  She is not allowed to go on walks or exert herself.  Even though she is in a warm safe place with healthy food, a soft bed, and love.  There is a chance that she will never experience the joy of running around a big yard playing with other dogs feeling that happiness and freedom.

 Can you imagine you or someone you love being treated like that?  Can you begin to think that you would treat the pet you love like that?

1223141441Lucy is but one of hundreds, if not thousands, of mistreated animals that want nothing but to give and receive love and acceptance.  We do everything we can, but we do not possess unlimited funds.  We count on caring and generous folks like yourself that want to help us save these wonderful animals but are unsure of how.

Your donations will help us to continue to treat Lucy and make sure that she lives the remainder of her life in peace, happiness, and surrounded by love.  They also will allow us to expand our scope and save many more, and help educate people so that we can lessen the abuse and create better lives for those babies that will remain with their owners.

None of the Humane Society’s representatives are paid.  We are a 100% volunteer organization that give 100% of the money received to our four legged friends’ welfare.

Please help us and donate as much as you can.  Every penny counts.  Lucy, and others like her are counting on you

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