Foster Resources

Thank you for all you do to save animals.  Even one animal saved, makes a difference in that animal’s life.

We have been fortunate to have a trainer assisting the Humane Society of Union County foster dogs.  We have seen tremendous results when training is taught to the animals and old dogs do learn new tricks.

Below are some links to training videos that are the same as our training.  If you need further assistance with training, please contact our Foster Coordinator and we can set up a one on one training session with our professional trainer.  Try these videos first.

This video is about “Touch” also know as Target Training.  Best way to train your foster dogs TO COME.

Teach your foster dog Not to Jump;

Teaching your to foster dog Not to Bark.  This will take a few days of working but well worth the effort.

How to keep your foster dog from Darting out the Door.

Does your foster dog Counter Surf?  This might be the trick to stop it.