Foster Care Program

Humane Society of Union County  FOSTER CARE APPLICATION

Fostering Saves Lives! Be a Hero!

HSUC does not have a shelter of its own, and depends on foster families to open their hearts and homes to dogs and cats in need. The number of animals
we can save is determined by the number of people willing to step up and care for them. Most of the pets need their basic vet care only; some have more
serious medical needs and may need more time to recover from heartworms, broken legs, etc. Vet expenses are covered by HSUC.
Puppies and some adult dogs require basic training and socialization, but foster parents often report that their new houseguest is perfect, and can’t understand
how anyone could have thrown them away in the first place. Watching these critters blossom and find their new forever homes is an incredibly rewarding
If you would like to serve as a foster home, please review the Guidelines below and complete our Foster Application. We will schedule an experienced Foster
Care Volunteer to visit and share further information with you. Thank you for making a difference!

Many Grits 17animals that come into our care often have special needs. by fostering we can save many more lives. Some have extensive medical needs, others may need behavioral guidance and many simply need time to find a family to share the rest of their life with. Our Foster Care Program gives these animals a second chance. by fostering we can save many more lives

Due to their special medical or behavioral needs these animals may require numerous vet visits, administration of medication, and/or time spent working on behavioral needs (crate training, developing appropriate house manners, socialization, etc.) In an effort to make fostering a rewarding experience for our Foster Care families, we have instituted the following Guidelines and also require a home visit to families considering this rewarding opportunity. This visit provides an opportunity for an experienced Foster Care Volunteer to evaluate the space that will be used for a foster animal and address any questions or concerns. If you are interested in fostering, please read the following Foster Guidelines and complete our Fostering Application.

 Foster Guidelines

1) Fosters must be approved by the Foster Intake Committee not the Exec Board.

2) All Foster homes must have personal pets spayed/neutered unless approved by Executive Board.

3) Animals removed from shelter or with no medical history should be quarantined for a period of two weeks.

4) Foster care animals must receive all necessary vet work by a HSUC pre-approved vet in a timely manner. No second party billing will be made through HSUC. Billing will be directly to HSUC.

bonnie 21.45) Foster home must be willing to provide food, general comforts and a safe, nurturing environment to foster animals. Supplies such as crates, bowls, collars and leashes, toys, can be supplied by HSUC as needed.

6) When foster animal is ready for adoption, Foster home will assist Adoption Counselor with placement in a pre-approved home. This may require potential adopters to visit with their family at the foster care home.

7) If Foster home chooses to adopt, adoption agreement and adoption fee should be submitted within two months.

If you are interested in fostering, please fill out our online fostering application (link at top of this page). It will be emailed to us upon submission. Thank you for your interest in fostering.

Humane Society of Union County  FOSTER CARE APPLICATION



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