Charitable Life Insurance Gift

The idea of using life insurance to make a sizable, tax-free donation that is guaranteed at the time of your passing is a creative and innovative method to give to your cause.  Whether it’s a charity you feel passionate about, a church that has helped your family through the good times (and the bad), or a non-profit organization that you strongly believe in… A life insurance donation can be the gift that ensures financial stability to your organization for years to come.

If set up properly, this donation (or death benefit proceeds) will not only be received by the organization free of income and estate taxes, but it will also be received without any delays, fees or administrative costs.  In addition, a proper charitable life insurance gift can yield taxable benefits for you as well. Please consider donating your life insurance policy to the Humane Society of Union County.

Life insurance may also be used to create a legacy by naming the Humane Society of Union County as beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of the policy. This requires that you complete a change of beneficiary form with the insurance company. If you name the Society as beneficiary, you can change your mind at any time by updating the change of beneficiary form.