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Adopting a Pet From the Humane Society of Union County

Adopt a pet from the Humane Society of Union County,NC.  Take a look at all the available dogs & cats, puppies & kittens for adoption with the Humane Society of Union County.  Every adoptable dog & cat is vaccinated, microchipped, Heartworm or FELV/FIV tested and spayed/neutered.  Save a life today and adopt a pet from Humane Society of Union County.  If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate.

Available Pets with Humane Society of Union County can be found on our Available Pets webpage.

Click here on some considerations before adding a new pet to your home.

If you are not sure about adoption, consider fostering.  Fill out our fostering application. Fostering saves lives.

Please complete our adoption application.  Applications allow us to match the best suitable pet for your family and lifestyle. Click here to complete an adoption application. 

Reviewing your application

It is our policy to thoroughly review each application and conduct an interview either in bonnie 21.4person or by phone.  We will check vet and personal references and may ask for a home visit.  Please understand that the Humane Society of Union County must make the best decision for all of the rescue animals that we take in.

Out of state and long distance adoptions are allowed and we may ask the new family to assist with the coordination and offer financial support of the travel expenses of the pet to your location. If we receive multiple applications on a pet, if approved, the local applicant will take priority.


Our Adoption Fee

Our adoption fee for a dog is $195, and for a puppy is $250.
Our fee includes spay or neuter and age appropriate vaccines, testing and microchip.  Humane Society takes pride in that some of our dogs have gone through our training program.

Our adoption fee for a cat or barn cat is $25. Kitten adoption fee is $60
Our fee includes spay or neuter and age appropriate vaccines

Our animals come from local shelters, rescues and owner surrenders. We provide medical needs, update vaccines, Heartworm & FELV/FIV test & spay/neuter before they are ready for adoption.

Adoption Policies

  • Must be 25 years of age or older
  • If renting, must have landlord approval and show proof of pet fee/deposit paid
  • All pets in home must be current on rabies and heartworm preventative (dogs).
  • Must agree to yearly vet visits, including heartworm test and vaccinations (distemper/parvo and rabies required)
  • Must agree to give monthly heartworm prevention year round
  • Must agree to keep microchip in rescue’s name
  • Must agree to return adopted animal to Humane Society of Union County if cannot keep any longer
  • Must provide proof of spay/neuter if the surgery is performed after the adoption process.

You will be asked to sign the adoption contract when you adopt your pet. The contract outlines an agreement between the Humane Society and the new pet owner. You can view our contract online.

The contract is not to be completed by the pet owner, but it will be filled out by our staff, for the new pet owner to sign.

When you adopt a pet from the Humane Society of Union County, we will have a contract. Click here to get a glimpse.

Thank you for your interest in adopting from the Humane Society of Union County!
We also have our pets listed on Adopt-A-Pet





Contacting the Humane Society of Union County

  • Complete the “Contact Us” form

  • Email:

  • Call 704-283-9126

  • PO BOX 101, Monroe NC 28111


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